Vivamos Las Vegas

 Once you pop you can't stop... kicks? Get em on 66. Delta has the friendly skies and Virginia is for lovers and what happens in Vegas? It's supposed to stay in... Vegas. at least that's what we've been programed to say... Even if you have visited the sprawling desert city of Las Vegas I believe that you may find your opinions are formed from the heavy treatment that it's advertising campaigns have placed into our popular culture.  I'm very happy to say that my first couple of weeks have been a happy introduction into a small town. 

New York City felt like a giant mansion in which your apartment was sort of like your bedroom tucked off down a long corridor in the servant's wing. Los Angeles is like an inverted theme park with a drive-thru safari where the zoo-keeper is nowhere to be found and everyone carries a knife in-hand trying to navigate the attractions without getting scratched or bitten. I've lived in those cities and so after a stint in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado I find myself once more within the walls of a strange city having to learn once again how to live and thrive among millions. 

Be the first three weeks here be an omen of things to come, I think I love this city. 

Las Vegas, Here I Come

November has always been a big month for change in my life, the fact that it holds my birthday could be the reason... but I'll leave that hanging for now.  Three years ago I packed up a little yellow Ford Focus and brought my style and songbook to the "Apres" scene in Vail Colorado. Jumping head first into learning how to work the room, Pepi's Bar at the world famous Gasthof-Gramshammer, I quickly tailored my act to the ski crowd and gained a following.

One week shy of three years I am again packing up my belongings and setting sail for a new and strange land with what I believe to be good fortune on my horizon: Las Vegas! 

Check back to follow along with my adventures and shenanigans.