“Tucker recalls pop, folk, country, and rock with vivacious energy, flipping and tossing them in the air like a maestro veteran straight from the times. It makes Dave Tucker a necessity in the world of modern music.” -- The Noise Beneath The

"Dave isn't playing artsy stuff for an underground crowd...he's making music that should appeal to a wide listening audience…Dave's got a great masculine voice…comes across sounding genuinely inspired" -

"A carpenter by trade, singer/songwriter Dave Tucker takes a blue-collar approach to making music. Fourth studio effort "In Kind," by all rights, should be the platter that helps raise his profile considerably. The 12-track release showcases Tucker's versatility, with tunes dabbin in everything from American, folks and roots to country, reggae and pop. Despite the variety of styles, "In Kind" is a cohesive album that feels genuine and heartfelt from beginning to end. "    -Jeffrey Sisk, Daily News 

"Dave Tucker, In Kind (Self-distributed) Tucker's an affable country-folk artist whose acoustic guitar balances nicely with Phil Hurley's aggressive electric in "Cocoa butter Baby." Strong ballads like "Simple Kind of Love" make Tucker come off like Jimmy Buffett with substance or Jackson Browne in a good mood." -RA   Vintage Guitar Magazine